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10 Minute "Every day" Makeup Routine

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We've all been's Monday morning, and you've hit the snooze button one too many times, and now you're running late! You don't want to show up to work sans makeup and get the dreaded "you look tired...are you sick?" questions from everyone and their mother. So what do you do?

Simple! So many people think you have to spend 30-45 mins on your face to look fresh and awake, but that's not true at all. There's really only four basic things you need to focus on: Brows, lashes, cheeks, and lips. I am a girl who LOVES her sleep in the mornings, so I use this routine almost every day. It's fast, easy, and always look light, natural, and flawless.

1. Skin: Always start with clean, prepped skin. Then, use two pumps of Urban Decay's One and Done tinted moisturizer. You can use a brush, or even your fingers (I usually opt for fingers as it's faster, and applies evenly as it's not a foundation). Smooth over your skin until evenly applied. I then use a few dabs of NARS creamy concealer under my eyes, and anywhere that needs a little extra coverage, and I set it all with Bare Minerals loose foundation. Total time: 3 minutes.

2. Cheeks: I then apply Hoola Bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks, the high points of my forehead, and blend a little into my jaw line. I follow that up with NARS blush in the shade Orgasm, but you can use any blush you desire! If I'm feeling the need for an extra boost, I apply a little highlight to my cheek bones, brow bone, and cupid's bow. Total time: 1 Minute

3. Eyes/Lashes: Depending on the day, I either use a bit of eyeshadow, or I'll leave it at mascara. I love using the shade Buck from Urban Decay, applied all over the lid of my eye, and smudged along the lower lash line for a little extra definition. Finish with mascara (I love Make Up Forever Smokey Extravagant Mascara) Total time: 1-3 minutes.

4. Brows: Fill in your brows using either a powder or pencil (I highly recommend Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencils), finish with a clear brow gel. Total time: 2 minutes

5. Finish your look with any shade of lipstick or gloss you feel like on that particular day. Go bold, or go natural, it's up to you! Total Time: 30 seconds-1 minute.

Pro Tip: I always finish my makeup with a setting spray, it locks in your makeup and keeps it looking flawless and fresh all day. Urban Decay All Nighter, and Makeup Forever Finishing Spray are both wonderful.

So next time you over-snooze, don't panic! Use these tips, and go out and conquer your day like the bad-ass lady you are!



Me and my hubby (and my 10 minute makeup!)

Me and my hubby (and my 10 minute makeup!)

5 Products Every Bride Needs in Her Beauty Bag

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Every bride wants to look drop dead gorgeous on their wedding day, whether you want to have a subtle and natural glow, a more dramatic and striking look, or you want to look classic and timeless, there are a few staples that every bride should use on their big day!

1. A high quality, SPF free foundation: No one wants to have the dreaded white face in their wedding photos! Using a foundation that contains an SPF will do just that, so just for the day, forego the SPF, and reach for an SPF free foundation. There are many great foundation options out there, depending on what kind of coverage and finish you want. My advice is to go for a sheer but buildable coverage foundation, this will allow a much more natural, yet flawless look (no one likes a cake face!). There are two options for finish: Matte, or satin. 

Matte: This type of foundation finish is perfect for those of you with oily skin. This will give you a flat finish with no "shine" and will help control oil all day, while still making you look luminous and natural. My #1 Matte finish foundation is Nars Sheer Matte Foundation. It has a gorgeous coverage, and a beautiful finish that will keep you looking flawless all day! This foundation is also perfect for mature skin, and looks fabulous on Mothers Of The Bride! 

Satin: This type of finish is great for dry, normal, and combination skin. It will give you that natural luminous finish that every bride seeks. My #1 Satin finish foundation is Makeup Forever HD Foundation. It evens out skin tone and gives and amazing finish that melts into your skin making you appear like you just woke up that way! This is my go-to foundation for anyone without oily skin. While it is a sheer coverage foundation, it covers imperfections and dark circles flawlessly to allow your best skin to shine through.

2. A Luminous Concealer: There's no better way to ruin a wedding day than to wake up with the dreaded dark circles! Brides want to look well rested and wide awake, and that is where this next product swoops in to save the day! 

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Pen: These are my little miracle pens! They have a luminous finish which reflects light to cover any imperfection! Applying this in a triangle shape to your under eye area virtually erases under eye circles to give you that bright and awake look. They are also great at covering pimples, scars, and dark spots. It won't settle, crease, or cake up, and it stays put for hours! *Hint: Always get your concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone!

3. A Subtle Highlighter: You know how I keep mentioning that "glow" every bride wants? This is the way to get it! The right highlighter will make you appear to glow from within, without giving you that shiny, glittery look. There are some beautiful highlighters out there, but on your wedding day, you always want to lean more towards subtlety. So while Nars Albatross is all the rage thanks to Kim Kardashian, it is way too obvious for your wedding day (what with all the gold shimmer and everything), and much more suited to a girls night out (did someone say bachelorette party?). So, with that in mind, let me introduce our next must have product.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in the shade Luminous Light: This hightlighter screams bridal! It is so gorgeous and subtle, you cant even tell its a highlighter, it gives you such a natural and drop dead ah-maz-ing glow! You truly look like you are glowing from within. It is subtle enough to use not just on your cheek bones, but anywhere you need a little extra brightening. **Pro Tip: Brush some of this powder on your chin, cupids bow, and under eye area.

4. A Makeup Setting Spray: A setting spray is the best way to ensure your makeup will stay put all night long. It's basically a hairspray for your face. It seals in your makeup to keep it from budging even through all the crying, drinking, and dancing! There are many brands of setting sprays out there, but my personal favorite is below.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray: A few spritzes of this and you are ready to go. It keeps you looking flawless all night, and keeps your makeup from creasing and sliding. It won't cause breakouts or irritation, and it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the skin. This keeps your makeup on for up to 12 hours (and that's no exaggeration!). If you are oily, worried about shine, and want a little extra help, try their De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray. 

5. High Quality False Lashes: Lashes are a must have for every bride, as they enhance your eyes, frame your face, polish your look, and give you that extra oomph in your photos. There are styles of lashes out there for everyone, from light and wispy, to full and glamourous. The most important thing to remember about getting your lashes for the big day, is to spring for the high quality ones. You honestly can tell the difference between the $2 drugstore brand, and the high quality mink lashes. 

Velour Lashes: These lashes are the prettiest things I have ever seen or used, and seem made for brides. They are a bit pricey at $30 a pop, but you can use them up to 60 times (the website says 25, but you can easily use them 50-60 times if you take care of them). They are fluffy, natural looking, blend in flawlessly with your own lashes, and make your eyes look so amazingly classic and timeless (Think Audry Hepburn). My Favorite pair for brides are Strike a Pose. They are the perfect combination of dramatic and natural, with great volume. However, if you are afraid of false lashes and want just that little bit of extra definition, Are Those Real are a great way to go. Keep in mind, as these are mink lashes, DO NOT use mascara on them, as it will make them clump and look awful. Apply a coat of mascara to your own lashes, and allow it to dry before putting your falsies on). Get them online at

*A few more tips to make your makeup go on flawlessly and stay put all night: 

-Always always always use a foundation and eye primer!!!! Primer evens your skin texture, fills in lines and pores and keeps your foundation smooth, and looking fabulous. Eye primer gives you an even base for your shadow, and keeps your eyes from getting oily and your shadow from creasing. NEVER use makeup without primer!

-Be sure to set your foundation and concealer with a good translucent powder (Nars makes great pressed powders that give you a great non-powdery finish: Nars Pressed Powder)

***Keep in mind, you get what you pay for! You may think you're saving money from your budget buying the drugstore or "dupe" of the high end products, but believe me, you don't want to look back at your wedding photos and see that your makeup has pulled a disappearing act, creased, settled into lines and pores, or given your skin a bad reaction. So spring for the high quality products, it's always worth it to look flawless on your wedding day!

xoxo, Amanda